Hi, I’m Ife – Tech & VC Enthusiast out of Lagos, Nigeria.

I knew I wanted to write more as a means of keeping up with stuff I’d read but I wasn’t clear on what to cover. Shortly after, I saw “Before you ask for readers, write the article you wish you could read” on a Medium post and it all made sense.

I have always been interested in stuff categorised as weird interests for girls – (tech) startups, innovation, venture capital and technology. But finding my way to startup investing has been a wild ride – a journey I wish had come with more customised manuals on the way.

My journey to the world of Venture Capital makes sense to many people that know me as they’ve always seen me as a tech sis. I tried programming once but decided that it wasn’t for me. In all of this, my interests around the fast-paced world of tech have remained with me. And that will be what this captures – my journey, discovery, growth, interests and opinions.

My vision for this right now is to build a guide. Something for tech startup founders who don’t know the first thing about Venture Capital or helping their startups succeed and helping them gain that knowledge. I suspect that my interest in how tech works and how founders think may also be useful for people on the investment side of things ($$$).

I don’t know much but in seeking knowledge, I may be able to transmit some.

  • Your Startup Pitch needs to pass the Grandma Test
    TL:DR Technical jargon can make pitches “superfluous” and “convoluted.” — see what I did there?  For video calls or in-person meetings, facial expressions and body language indicate the level of interest in your company. Having your pitch summarised back to you works in other instances.
  • 1 year at Microtraction: Behind the Scenes
    It’s June 17th 2020 — one year since I joined Microtraction. A long way since the events described in my Breaking into Tech story — since that first email to Yele. Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? Day 1— June 17, 2019 My colleagues would say I was super quiet at the first internal meeting. They wouldn’t … Continue reading
  • Breaking into Tech
    When I made the decision to leave banking for the startup life, some thought I was going crazy. The biggest question was why I was leaving stability and a “sure” monthly pay for a tech company they weren’t sure would meet salaries at the end of that month. I’ll admit that for most of these … Continue reading

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