Your Startup Pitch needs to pass the Grandma Test

TL:DR Technical jargon can make pitches “superfluous” and “convoluted.” — see what I did there?  For video calls or in-person meetings, facial expressions and body language indicate the level of interest in your company. Having your pitch summarised back to you works in other instances.

1 year at Microtraction: Behind the Scenes

It’s June 17th 2020 — one year since I joined Microtraction. A long way since the events described in my Breaking into Tech story — since that first email to Yele. Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? Day 1— June 17, 2019 My colleagues would say I was super quiet at the first internal meeting. They wouldn’t … Continue reading

Breaking into Tech

When I made the decision to leave banking for the startup life, some thought I was going crazy. The biggest question was why I was leaving stability and a “sure” monthly pay for a tech company they weren’t sure would meet salaries at the end of that month. I’ll admit that for most of these … Continue reading

The Life of Payments in Q4, 2018

I’ve always been curious about how we make payments in Nigeria. Here I talk about some of my observations on our payments patterns especially between October – December 2018 based on data available from the NBS. ATM v POS – How did we prefer to pay?  The average transaction values of ATM and POS transactions … Continue reading

The Future of work in Lagos is r-e-m-o-t-e

About two weeks ago, I ran a Twitter poll. The goal was simple — confirm if I was the only one that had spent 24 hours/every work-week shuttling Ogudu and Lekki Phase 1 despite setting out around 5:20 am everyday and leaving Lekki as late as 10:30pm sometimes. The results were interesting. When do you … Continue reading

The Data Advantage: A proposed solution for KYC in Nigeria

Major efforts are often dedicated to ensuring seamless KYC and authentication processes especially for financial institutions that are looking to transform to digital. Bankers are naturally shrewd and always erring on the side of caution. There’s also the endless battle between the Control team-notorious for saying “No” to every request and the Product Innovation team-always … Continue reading

Leveraging on AI to improve Customer Service

For financial institutions to thrive in the current economic clime, customer service delivery must adequately align with customer demands and expectations. Beyond seeking lightning fast responses and resolution of complaints, customers are beginning to tend towards banks and payment solutions that incorporate AI into their CS process to ensure excellence in service delivery to customers … Continue reading

Managing customers according to type

“Customer is king” “The customer is always right” These two are probably the most popular phrases that companies incorporate as slogans especially during Customer Service Week. This seems fair enough as without these customers, they’ld be out of business.  I work in FinTech and trust me when I say that this industry demands that you … Continue reading

Knowing oneself: a critical factor in success

I remember one of my classmates then in Secondary School, let’s call him Ben. He was an extremely playful person; Infact, it seemed like Ben only played. Some people who hung around him only played too. But when the term’s results came out, he always passed with flying colours while they never did. Even I … Continue reading

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